Company Message


Statement Defense is a small family-owned company with the sole purpose of creating high-performing Glock pistols with minimal but necessary upgrades to improve shooting performance. Our target audience is the typical blue-collar American who is unable to fork over $3000+ for a high-performance pistol. Sure, you could purchase upgrades from various companies and attempt to install them yourself but there are high risks on making changes to your potentially lifesaving tool.

Here at Statement Defense we believe Glock’s number one achievement is reliability, so why take that out of the equation? Our solution to maintaining the reliability is keeping all internal parts completely stock (springs, trigger bar/connector, etc.) Apart from the Vickers Tactical Slide Stop, flat face trigger shoe, and Magpul magwell the entire lower is completely stock on each build. Unlike any other Glock modification company in the market, we only upgrade the slide to include aggressive serrations allowing quick and easy slide manipulation tasks, window/counterbore slide cuts for quicker slide reciprocation and the ability to mount a red dot directly to the slide.

We are proud to offer only the best and will not stamp our company name on anything unless we feel it is absolute perfection.