What is the current wait time for slide work?

1 Week with Cerakote option and 2 weeks for DLC option.


What is the current wait time for an elite build?

If the Elite Build shows in Stock, then it is available to ship the same day. If it’s made to order, we estimate around 3-4 weeks. If you add our Elite Stippling package to your build the lead time may increase up to 30-60 days.


Where can I view all of your Cerakote options?

If you would like to see examples of all of our finishes you can do so here in our gallery. We continuously update this page with new photos, so if you do not see a specific one, please let us know and we can send you a photo of it directly and add it to the gallery.


How do I order something special that’s not on the website?

Simply give us a call at 805-691-9622 or add what you want in the notes of your order. Chances are we can most likely do it, if not we will reach out to you and let you know.


How do I order an optic cut that’s not on the website?

Currently we only offer optic cuts that are shown on the website, we have found these to be the most popular and highest recommended. 


Do you offer a Military/Law Enforcement discount?

We no longer offer any Military or LE discounts.


What slide internals do we recommend?

We recommend stock internals for the slide, on our elite builds we replace the plunger spring to a lighter spring for a cleaner crisp trigger pull. 


Can I get a rear sight forward of my optic cut?

We currently do not offer this option but soon we will add this as an additional feature. 


How do I install my red dot optic?

We cut our optic cuts for a snug fit, sometimes it can seem like the optic won’t fit correctly but it will. All cuts are tested before shipping out. The trick is to make sure your optic is perfectly parallel with the slide while installing. It may require a few taps with your palm to seat it. We do this because if for whatever reason your screws come loose the optic will remain on your gun. 


Can I order a slide with no coating?

Yes, in the Build Your Slide option under coating you can select NONE.


Should I remove my slide internals before shipping my slide?

This is totally up to you, we have no problem removing them for you and reinstalling them after your slide is done. 


 Should I remove my sights before sending in my slide?

We prefer you leave them on so we can reinstall them for you, if you want new sights simply send them with your slide and well install those for you for free.


How do I install my front sight?

When installing your front sight its crucial to use RED LOCTITE, yes you heard that right. Red is High Strength so it’s practically epoxy. The reason for this is because the front sight is in the position that will gather the most heat from the gun being fired, no matter how hot the gun gets red Loctite will keep your front sight from falling out. Any other Loctite or no Loctite it is guaranteed the screw will loosen eventually. Also, the front sight has small threads but a big head allowing you to get torque on the screw if you need to uninstall it at any time. 


How do I install my rear sight?

We HIGHLY recommend a sight pusher to install your rear sight, the best one we have found is called MGW Rear Sight Pusher and can be found on amazon for around $120. Never ever install your rear sight with a hammer of any kind, this will create a high probability of you cracking your slide near the dovetail cuts.


We always recommend rear sights that have at least 1, but preferably 2, set screws. Its a backup option to keep your rear sight in place since rear sights are manufactured to different tolerances and can sometimes be loose on the rear dovetail cut in the slide. NEVER use any type of Loctite on the rear sight set screws. 


Should I use Loctite?

Never use Loctite on the rear sight set screws and ALWAYS use red Loctite on the front sight screw.


How do I send in my frame or complete gun to you guys?

Anytime you need to ship a frame or complete gun to us to be worked on, you will need to ship it to us through your local FLL and once finished we will ship it back to the same FFL.