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This Slide Work option can be done on customer supplied slides. You can also choose an option for us to supply a new slide if you do not have a slide to send in.

This is a great option for people who do not want to buy a whole new slide but have a vision of how they want their slide to look. It is also a great option for anyone who wants a new slide made exactly how you want in one go, you wont need to purchase a slide and then send it off again to be customized! You can choose from our options above, customizing everything from Window cuts to the perfect Cerakote to create a brand-new looking slide! (If you are looking for anything we do not have listed above such as a different Cerakote option, or if you want a photo of an option we do not have up, please contact us and we will give you more information for further customization.)

Simply add to cart, checkout and mail us your slide. Turnaround time is roughly 2-4 weeks depending on options.

Channel liner is included.

**You can view all of our Cerakote options HERE.

Special request coatings will add additional time.


Product Reviews

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Customized Glock 19X Slide
Written by Thedford Clark on Sep 3rd 2019

I received my slide in a reasonable time frame, and it certainly exceeded my expectations. Great product! Great customer service!

G17 custom slide
Written by Robbie Moeller on Aug 20th 2019

Wow. That is all I can say. The slide design is fantastic and the cerakote job was top notch. I used tungsten for the base and a semi transparent blue for the serrations. Amazing job.

2 tone is the way to go!
Written by Jacob on Jul 2nd 2019

I love it! Detail is impeccable and it still has great retention in my holster. Only complaint is that when installing an RMR, the screws that come with it to mount are to long for the right side. It will go too far and jam the extractor plunger not allowing the extractor to function at all. Easy fix with a Dremel, still 5 stars!

Very Impressive
Written by Monte Blumenfeld on May 13th 2019

Got to say ...I Love it! Looks and Feels Awesome!

Great work!
Written by Cammeron howard on May 10th 2019

Shipped and recieved my slide back in a 2 week time period including the custom paintjob I requested. Words cant explain the level of work these guys produce. Its a work of art. Highly recommend Statement defense.

Glock 19 stock milled slide
Written by Peter Ton on May 9th 2019

Beautiful design and execution. You get it all, windows, refined serrations even on the chamfer, optic cut and perfect cerakote job. Statement Defense cerakoted to my preference and I am very happy with the finished product. They even put in the striker liner when other slide companies don’t. Best value on the market. I would definitely recommend.

Statement Defense 19 Gen 3
Written by Kyle on Apr 10th 2019

I’ve been wanting to pick one of these slides up for some time now. Finally decided to purchase one. You will not be disappointed. You can get a good purchase on the slide. The RMR fit was absolutely perfect. The look and feel is unreal. I’d happily buy another. Great customer service and very quick! If you can’t make up your mind, DO IT! Great company, great products.

Custom slide work
Written by Todd Crawford on Feb 1st 2019

The craftsmanship of the custom slide work exceeds the costs by a significant factor. No one is doing this type of work for the prices Statement Defense charges. Everything was perfect including the refinishing. I chose the slide cuts in addition to the RMR cut. It looks even better in person. Thanks for the fast turnaround as well!

Glock 19 Slide with Window Cuts
Written by Joel Gaxiola on Jan 31st 2019

The Statement Defense Team did an awesome job of taking care of my Glock 19 Slide! Had a few questions regrading on the slide options available; and the Outstanding Customer Service representatives were there to help, answering all the questions I had. I went with STMT because of their awesome milling options and along with the fast turn-around time. This team really understands the Glock community, offering affordable milling options for the working class. The new serrations and cuts made it much more easier to manipulate my gun. Thanks STMT!!

Review of Overbite slide for G17 gen 3
Written by Dustin Hightower on Jan 31st 2019

Let me start by saying I should be giving this slide 5 stars there's really no reason not too I just feel a bit weird saying that something is basically perfect, an although it has been thoroughly tested I have only had it for about 2wks an would like some more time with it to see how well it handles ware an tear over time but I see no reason why it shouldn't stand the test of time. So outside of the amazing looks the precision is outstanding the lock up is significantly tighter than any stock or glock OEM slide an greater still than many after market or custom slides. The machining is astoundingly precise these slides do not use a striker channel liner but still fit perfectly with the rest of standard OEM striker assembly this is by design an I only point this out to give an example just how precise these slides are I'm not sure of the actual measurement but it has to be to the tenths if not hundredths of a mm to make that fit so perfectly just amazing that's true attention to detail, plus because of this minor difference I have noticed a slightly lighter an smoother trigger pull I wasn't quite expecting that but that's a performance upgrade that's always welcome. Another plus to Statement Defense is their production speed and customer service they finished this up for me within 14days an then even worked with me to have it overnighted at last minutes notice, an then even continued to follow up with me afterwards to make sure all was correct an that I was happy with their product, an if I haven't been completely clear I am very happy with the Overbite slide an Statement Defense as a whole, an I only give them this much praise because they deserve it. Coming soon I will post some videos on YouTube of the complete build.